Want to increase Sales Graph through Online Marketing Services
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Want to increase your Sales Graph through Online Marketing?

Digital marketing company in Trivandrum

Want to increase your Sales Graph through Online Marketing?

07:47 09 March in Business, Digital Marketing

Want to increase your Sales Graph?

Think out of box from Traditional Marketing – Get help from Digital Experts

Online Marketing is another name for Digital Marketing which delivers best results in all departments.


Online Marketing Service Advantages

SMART Marketing Objectives

  • Specific goal should cover the What, Why, and How. It needs to plainly layout what it is that you wish to fulfill, why finishing it is vital and how you hope to achieve it. Digital Marketing is new term for online marketing
  • For Instance, Increasing your customer base on social media is a great goal to have, but it isn’t very specific. Growing your brand awareness by increasing your online presence with various social media platform with the contest is much more specific.
  • What your goal is – Increase your customer base
  • Why – to increase brand awareness
  • How – Using a contest to grab your audience’s attention
  • Online Marketing Advantages are focused on the smart objectives they follow in the business.
  • Is the goal Relevant?


You should always align your goals with your organization and department’s mission. For Instance investing in a twitter campaign to spread the word that a new retirement community opened up might not be the best way to reach your target audience. While it’s great that you’re trying to leverage more social media channels in your marketing mix, it’s not relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach. The relevancy of your goal to the business will impact the likelihood that it’ll be achieved. If this goal is geared toward the sales or engineering team, then hand it off to them. In the end, a online marketingrelevant goal should make sense for either your customers and/or the business.

  • Is the goal Measurable?

A well Constructed plan will include targets, to indicate you’ve accomplished your goal or not, and milestones so you can track whether you’re heading in the right direction along the way.

Digital Marketing Plan

For instance a well planned approach can deliver you the best results with maximum return on investments.

Digital marketing analytics software can aggregate and report on a wide array of metrics, many of which you are fun to know, but without context don’t tell you much about how to move forward. We call these “so what?” metrics actually measure the progress of your goal, have context and can help you make decision about what to do next.

  • Is the goal Achievable?

Goals are great, but they don’t mean anything if they aren’t realistic. Unrealistic goals set us up and fall short and often left with no indication of where to go next.

Result Oriented Approach

If your marketing team is bringing in 25 leads every month from social media channels, increasing your goal to 500 leads would be a stretch. When goals are unrealistic, people don’t see the point in working toward them. This happens to individuals too. At first, you’re excited about taking on the new challenge, but then you realize how much work is ahead of you and its becoming overwhelming and you throw in the towel.For instance a result oriented approach would give you better insights into your returns in business.

  • Is the goal Time- Bound?

Consider how much time you and your team can realistically dedicate to your marketing goal. Creating a realistic timeline to complete a goal does a number of things:

Creates urgency and motivation to complete the project.

Makes you consciously consider how much time working toward this goal will take out of your week.

Timeline milestones allow you to check-in and decide if you should continue pursuing your goal, or stop and pivot or optimize your efforts.

Milestones allow you to know if you’re on track to accomplishing your goal on time.

Digital Channel Contribution Objective

Achieve 10% online revenue contribution within 2 years

Acquisition Objective

Acquire 50,000 new online customers this financial year at an average cost per acquisition (CPA) of $33 with an average profitability of $7

Conversion Objective:

Increase the average order value of online sales to $44 per customer.

Engagement Objective:

Increase active customer purchasing at least once a quarter to 300,000 in a market.



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