Kerala Towards a Digital Future
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Kerala Towards a Digital Future


Kerala Towards a Digital Future

20:32 21 March in Digital Marketing, Future

The future begins here

As South India’s most high profile IT event, #Future will bring together stalwarts and international icons from the spheres of banking, health, education, entertainment, travel and IT to interact with and inspire its participants. Aligning with its theme ‘Towards a Digital Future’, Entrepreneurs, academicians, key influencers and other stakeholders from the IT sector across the globe will converge at #Future to discuss the emerging trends, ground realities and opportunities in the industry. With such a wealth of speakers, this rare conclave is sure to empower individuals as well as enterprises to make their mark in the digital biz. Sessions 1 Panel discussions 2 value-added sessions 3 Keynote address.

The future takes shape here

With the advent of the inventions such as virtual reality, avatar and 3D modelling, digital technology has now taken up the role of a lifestyle enhancer. Digital Experience Theatre will the special attraction at #Future that provides the visitor with a sneak peek of such futuristic digital lifestyle experiences. Select global companies from the verticals like healthcare, banking, telecom, and unique start-ups will be invited to set up a virtually simulated and interactive platform for the two days. This facility will demonstrate first hand how these technological advances will provide the common man with superior customer experiences.

Be part of the future

With over 30 speakers and about 2000 delegates, #Future is a disruptive platform that’s set to revolutionise the way future businesses operate. In addition to the opportunity to interact with international digital idols, it presents you with a chance to network with kindred spirits and share ideas about the digital opportunities of now. Corporate bodies, start-up ventures, potential and existing entrepreneurs, investors, technocrats, professionals, academicians, students and private individuals would gain immensely from this unique gathering.

We Techrista Systems Pvt. Ltd. Kerala’s Best Digital Marketing Company will be there in this great Event.

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