Future of Digital Marketing in India | Digital Marketing India
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Future of Digital Marketing in India

digital marketing India

Future of Digital Marketing in India

20:56 27 August in Digital Marketing, Online PR, PPC, SEO, SERP

Future of Digital Marketing in India

Future of Digital Marketing in India has taken its turn to adopt all digital marketing platforms. The future for digital marketing in India will be a place every digital marketing platforms will be grouped under one roof. Digital Marketing Services is now in an growing phase all over the world. But here in India it is still in the starting phase. Most Business owners look to India as a country every IT services could be outsourced. The reason for that is the high price of services in their own Countries. Further more, digital marketing India based companies are looking to recruit experts into digital marketing service wing. Their motive is to match up their services with the growing services requirement. Indian companies handle digital marketing projects for businesses from foreign countries. Since in the GCC region businesses started shifting to IT.

Digital Marketing India based Companies Business Plan

In the coming years we could see many digital marketing companies launching up in India. So, for that what they need to do is to have a presence at the top of the google search results. But reaching top of the results page for a search query is a tedious task for a business person. Since he is lacking in Digital Marketing Expertise. But since every company knows about the rising need for the digital marketing services. In addition, Digital Marketing Services India based companies will try to recruit Digital Marketing Experts. Further more, the problem is the lack of availability of skilled Digital Marketing Experts. Most Digital Marketing Professionals are either qualified in SEO, SMM, SEM, Inbound Marketing or Lead Generation. But in order to satisfy this growing need what we need is a full service Digital Marketing Agency.

Digital Marketing Services Business Areas

Firstly, Digital Marketing Services would become one of the most profitable field of business in India. In addition, Digital Marketing Services in India would focus around businesses like Product manufacturing, media, news, advertisements, hospitals, hotels, boutiques, online stores, ecommerce sites, BPO,  real-estate, local business stores, restaurants, cafe’s, mobile applications, software development etc. The rising need for digital marketing services in these business field is due to the rise in the number of companies. In addition to get business from these business field most of all Online presence is needed. To create Online presence & to gather relevant leads for a business digital marketing services is an especially relevant factor. So we have to adapt to the tagline “GO ONLINE, BE ONLINE & GET BUSINESS ONLINE”.

Qualities of a good Digital Marketing Expert

What you need to have is a passion or desire for Digital Marketing. The limit of your Digital Marketing Effort is the limit of your creativity. The more strategic & creative you are the more high you will reach. Digital Marketing Expert should be open minded with an aptitude to learn from everywhere. Most of all Digital Marketers should be Innovative as well as knowledgeable in all Digital Marketing Platforms. Above all to get experience in this growing field is a tedious task for anyone. Should have especially relevant content writing & graphic designing skills as well. Also the ability to adapt to changes in the market place. In addition, should be attentive. Also, should be polite & humble. Should have good work ethics. Maintain professionalism in their work. Team players. Team building Skills. One with Leadership qualities. One who has a flexible work style.

Digital Marketing Trends in India

Firstly, Internet user in India wind up to 10.1% of India’s population according to google’s data. Which may be very low when compared to United States. In addition, according to google’s data internet users in USA measures to about 78.2% of USA’s population. The number of internet users in India reaches up to 480 Million users by August. Which is most of all a significantly good number for a Developing Country like India. But the numbers reach to about 750 Million potential users in India in the rural areas. The number of internet users in India are rapidly on the go. Many foreign Business Companies had begun investing In India. Further more, in this aspect Digital Marketing field is a very compatible IT service in the Indian Market. Most IT Professionals see Digital Marketing Jobs as a source of stable income.

Future of Digital Marketing in India

Top trends are as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • App Store Optimization
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • App Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Lead Generation

Turn of Digital Marketing India based Companies

Basically nowadays we see many Institutions, Organisations, Agencies & even government organisations providing courses to educate people in Digital Marketing Field. What happens when they teach you only the basics. Then the country gets crowded with professionals who just know the basics in Digital Marketing. But the one thing they doesn’t know is that when you get on to the real Digital Marketing Battlefield. All that matters is your knowledge & how you apply it to gain customers for a business. So rather going after to studying courses. Begin your career in digital marketing by getting employed as a fresher. Then go on with the flow by gaining more & more experience. A fresher in a digital marketing job should have the ability to learn quickly.

Salary package for Digital Marketing Experts in the coming years

Also, one of the most noteworthy factor is that a Digital Marketing Expert in India could easily earn up to 1.5 Lakhs-2.5 Lakhs per month. In addition most foreign digital marketing agencies would offer an experienced digital market very high salary packages. Most of all, foreign companies salary package are in the range 4 Lakhs-6 Lakhs per month. Most Digital Marketing Companies abroad would employ Experts for different fields. One for SEO, One for SEM, One for SMM, One for Inbound Marketing & much more. All that matters if you are the right one for the job. Moreover you should match up with their ideals. The role of a Digital Marketer is to track & analyse the campaign performance.

The Strength of Digital Marketing Team varies accordingly:

  1. Start ups – 1-3 members
  2. Medium Enterprises – 5-8 members
  3. Large Enterprises – 10-15 members
  4. MNC’s – 25-50 members

The Team Strength varies based on their requirements. Whether they handle in-house or client projects of a company. Since, Digital Marketing is growing at a tremendous pace. This will be a good time for Digital Marketing India based companies to be a part of it.

How to Select the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India?

Best Digital Marketing Agency in India is the one that would provide results for a client based on their requirement. One which provides quality oriented digital marketing services. Most of all which has a team of highly qualified Digital Marketing Expert. Those who are capable of delivering best results to clients within short period. Moreover who achieve the goals and objectives of the clients. Who have handled high budget projects globally as well as nationally. Digital Marketing India based Agency with reputed client list. Best Digital Marketing Agency with 24*7 customer handling capacity. Furthermore, Digital Marketing Agency that differentiates itself form their competitors. Internet Marketing Agency that provides the best affordable packages for their service. Most of all, Digital Marketing Agency with a global presence everywhere.

Latest Techniques adopted by a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing techniques of an Agency shows, how updated they are in the platform. Digital Marketing Agency should have an R&D department. They should continuously experiment on latest updates. Which would help them to know the duration to achieve results. How they need to strategize themselves during a change.

Latest Digital Marketing techniques followed by various Digital Marketing Agency are as follows:

  • Growth Hacking
  • Growth Driven Design
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Affiliate & Co-Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • True Story based creatives & infographics in Social Media platforms

Digital Marketing Services in India | Digital Marketing India

Techrista Systems Pvt Ltd – Digital Marketing India based Company providing professional Digital Marketing Services in India as well as across the globe. Techrista Systems Pvt Ltd was established in 2009. We have over 8 years of experience in the field. Digital Marketing Experts with a passion & skill for Digital Marketing. Moreover, we differentiates our clients across the globe. In addition, we deliver results to our clients from their target audience. Also, we deliver maximum ROI for the money they invest. Furthermore, we make our clients the most successful in their business. We create an online marketing space for our investors to market their business. As a result, we maintain a trustworthy fame for ourselves in the market. We offer Digital marketing Solutions that connects all digital Marketing Platforms. Provide business consultation services for businesses.

So When you choose Best Digital Marketing Services in India.

Select the Best to Get Business Online!

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