Drawing Games For Teens
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Drawing Games For Teens

Drawing Games For Teens

16:57 30 July in AMP

Drawing Games for Teens

A young teen artist will learn different art techniques in class that will help her enhance her artwork. One of these techniques will be to learn how to draw specific types of pictures. Blindfold each teen and give him a piece of paper and a marker. Set a timer. On the word “Go,” have everyone draw the same animal like a bird or lion. Have them take the blindfolds off when the timer dings. Reward the teen who has the best resemblance to the animal or the silliest picture with a prize. For a different approach, divide teens into pairs. Blindfold one teen from each pair and provide her with paper and a marker. Have the other team member pick a word from a hat. He must guide his teammate using only his voice to draw share more details the word. Write the names of 10 popular celebrities on index cards. Mix up the cards. Designate one teen to draw the cards. Divide the other teens into teams. The card drawer must pick a card and draw the celebrity on a sketch board. The team who guesses the celebrity correctly gets a point. Declare the team who has the most points, at the end of the game, as the winners. As another game option, let each teen go up to the drawing board one by one to draw any picture of her choice for the others to guess.

Relay Races

Relay races will offer a fresh approach to drawing games for teenage children. Place two large pieces of paper on a wall. Draw a circle on each paper. Divide the teens into teams and give a marker to them. Explain to them super mario run hack tool that each team member must draw a facial feature on the circle to complete a face. On the word “Go,” they must run to the paper, draw a facial feature and run back to tag the next person. The team who completes its face the fastest wins the game. For a different relay race, set a timer and have teens draw parts of a nature scene and run back to tag the next player. Have your teenager hide several items around the house. She can draw a clues list for others to find the items. For example, instead of simply writing “red umbrella” as the clue, she can draw a picture of rain with red scribbling next to it. This will make the game a bit more difficult for other teens to find the item. As a different idea, the teen can read more draw several different drawings and hide them around an open area for others to find. Declare the teenager who collects the most pictures as the winner.

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