Digital Marketing in Trivandrum,Technopark Latest SEO Trends in 2017
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Latest Digital Marketing Trends in Trivandrum,Technopark 2017

Search Engine Optimization

Latest Digital Marketing Trends in Trivandrum,Technopark 2017

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Why do you choose Digital Marketing/SEO to promote Today’s Business?

SEO or Digital Marketing is the common terms used to convey the idea of online marketing services.
Most working professionals doesn’t have any time to see an video channel advertisements, display banner advertisements or any other forms of advertisements the only platform in which they will be available will be the Internet Platform. Digital Marketing combines all these platforms into a single domain. Most of all Search Engine Result Page Rankings vary depending on the Search Engine Optimization work done on a website. Furthermore SEO work is usually performed by SEO Analyst or Digital Marketing Experts. So it is especially relevant to find the right experts in the digital marketing field.

Some of the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing Involves:-

1. SEO-Organic Search


Search Engine Optimization is the way of arranging website content around a primary keyword to drive the maximum search results.

The two SEO steps are:-

On-Page—–>It is the process of providing internal links in the website.

On Page SEO

Relevance 25%

Off-Page—–>It is the process of getting your most noteworthy links back to your website.

Off Page

Relevance 75%







Search Advertising is one of the most noteworthy advertising formats which could be used for advertising using targeted search keywords and queries. In addition Search advertising is a common option to gather consumer leads who usually compare products by searching in the search results before making a purchase in general. Also Search Engines Algorithm determines the position of the advertisements depending on advertisement relevancy, click through rates & advertisement quality. Finally sponsored search advertisements are especially relevant for gathering browsing & information searching experience on the Web.

2. Universal App Campaign

Universal app promotion is a way of increasing App installs whether it is a mobile applications or software applications. In addition so as to get the best value out of the advertisements adwords also provide the option for most noteworthy targeting and biding in order to get better app installs to especially relevant customers. Furthermore Universal App Campaigns allow to increase application installation for an android or IOS App by uniformly distributing the advertisements across the following channels:
-Google Play Store
-Facebook & Instagram
-YouTube & other display networks
-Search Network & other google search partners

Universal App Install campaigns most of all provides maximum revenue to the business owners. Finally in conclusion Application Installation campaigns objectives vary depending on different business segments.

3. Display Advertising

First of all it is a type of online advertising that could be used for various forms of advertising such as banner advertisements, display advertisements, rich media and much more types of especially relevant advertising formats. In addition it is one of the most promising especially relevant ways which provides an easy way to do re-marketing for specific product platforms. Finally display advertising allows an advertiser to show their advertisements on especially relevant display advertising sites & social sites. Consequently it’s main objective is to support brand promotion and brand awareness. Also in general Facebook, Twitter & E-marketer take 33% of the display adverting share.

4. Video Advertising on YouTube

YouTube Video promotional advertisements involves:
-First of all through inline display  video advertisements(more than 6 seconds with skip option)
-Furthermore through bumper advertisements(up-to 6 seconds no skip option)
In General there are two types YouTube Advertisements:

  • Display Advertisements
  • Sponsored Advertisement Videos.

Furthermore YouTube advertising most of all charges the customers or campaigners based on the Cost per view(CPV) but it could also be charged on the basis of cost per impressions principle. In addition their are brands who first tries to create an awareness during initial stages rather than campaigns aimed at conversions or buying. It is most noteworthy that the YouTube advertisements are primarily used to create a brand awareness among especially relevant customers for a particular brand.

5. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting most noteworthy ranking in the SERP’s by paying for the advertisement campaign shown in search engines.
Furthermore the marketing campaign price vary considerably depending upon the most noteworthy keyword used for the search. In addition Keywords search volume determines the price of the keywords. The advertisement cost to be show the advertisements at the top of search results are high.
For Example: Real Estate Builders Keywords Competition is very high so the keywords such as flats ,apartments and villas are priced high. Similarly Ecommerce Products keywords with very high search volume are priced very high.

Common Advertisements Platforms

Also in general common advertisement platforms involves:

-Google Adwords—>It is an online advertisement platform.
-Double Click—>Google’s Pays Per Click Platform for Ecommerce Websites.
-Bing—>Bing Search engine allows to do online advertisements campaigns as well similar to google’s Adwords platform.

In addition Search Engine Marketing is considered just a small portion of online marketing services but in general online marketing services most of all involves both Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Advertising. Furthermore Online Marketing Services usually includes branding, strategy, brand identity & brand equity. Search Engine Marketing activities allows to enhance companies brand plan and revenue.

6. Affiliate Marketing

First of all it is way of marketing a product through an affiliate marketing agency,who has significant especially relevant influence in the society. Most of all Affiliate Marketers are usually one who has significant influence in the society and generates leads through contacts he has in the society. Brands use Affiliate marketing technique to generate business and to look for the ways to penetrate the especially relevant market sector where their product category lies.

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