Digital Marketing Services USA | Digital Marketing Services in Boston
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Digital Marketing Services USA | Digital Marketing Services in Boston

Digital Marketing Services USA

Digital Marketing Services USA | Digital Marketing Services in Boston

14:24 23 May in Business, Digital Marketing, Double Click

Digital Marketing Services USA | Digital Marketing Services in Boston

Techrista is a Digital Marketing Services USA based Digital Marketing Agency providing complete 360 degree Digital Marketing solutions for brands all over the world. Our  Digital Marketing Services include Digital Marketing Intelligence, Market Research, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing & Ecommerce Solutions. Our Digital Marketing Services USA based Digital Marketing Agency consists of a group of a Experienced Google Certified Digital Marketing Experts, Experienced Business Analysts, Experienced Web Designers & Developers. We are also the Best in class Website Design Company specializing in PHP Web Development Services, Responsive Website Design Services, HTML 5 Website Design Services, Ecommerce Website Design Services &  WordPress Website Design Services. With over 8 Years Experiences in the services we offer. We have delivered over 500+ projects successfully. Our Marketing plan allows to our clients to meet their marketing goal with very high return on investment.

Below you can view a glimpse of our research strategies:

Digital Journey

In general digital journey is the interaction between the organization and customer over the duration of their relationship. Digital Journey could also be considered as the path or the goals that aligns with the objectives of the company either directly or indirectly. In addition Digital Journey is the path followed by a customer which finally results in the purchase of the product.

Digital Journey involves three stages:-

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase
  4. Delight

Example: To Buy a TV what do you usually do?
Firstly Go online and find the TV which matches your most noteworthy specifications & requirement. Finally after your research to find the the best TV,you see an advertisement while browsing which convinces you to buy the product. Also you may receive updates about the latest TV specifications from your top browsed especially relevant sites in the form of display advertisements, emails, whitepapers & may other forms.

To analyse the customer  behavior you should be able to answer the three most noteworthy questions

—–>Firstly Why do you go online?
—–>In addition Understand the Customers behavior?
—–>Lastly What do you do online?

Most of all you go online to Stay in touch touch with your friends & relatives through social media, instant messaging applications, watch videos & probably read articles or browse especially relevant contents related to your jobs or work industry. Shop things online.

Customer Reach

Reach all these customers using these information’s. Sources for collecting the data includes Platforms like:
1. Online Search
2. Ad-week
3. Hub spot Estimates
4. Ecommerce Existing Customer Behavior

For Example: You need to book a railway ticket. What are the options available to you?
In most cities you would usually stand in long queues to get your railway ticket booking. But then IRTC came up and most customers who once booked their ticket through online never came back. So when making a change you should ensure that the customers are adaptable to the change. So the new behavior or the process they need to do must truly be better than the old behavior in terms of an objective score.

Take another example: One  Day while driving you see a banner advertisement for a Sedan
The Sedan Model gets in to your mind. You think of buying a sedan vehicle. So you look for the best available option for a sedan vehicle. In addition sometimes you may go for test drives to see the best option vehicle available for you in the class you are looking for. Now you have many options for the sedan vehicle to buy. But you don’t actually know which sedan to buy. Finally when you browse the internet to research more about the category you receive emails,see’s display advertisements of a particular Sedan with an offer price and details of the sedan vehicle specifications which finally convince you to buy the same sedan vehicle.

Consumer Journey

Here the consumer starts his journey from:Digital Marketing Services USA Purchase Funnel

(See an Adv)       (reviews&test            (Comes to the conclusion to buy)

The Purchase Funnel includes:

  1. Trigger top of the funnel(touch points)—–>research about the product
  2. Zeroth moment of truth(advertisements)—->without direct interaction
  3. First moment of truth(direct interaction)—->with direct interaction
  4. Bottom of the funnel(customer experience)—->delight tactics

Influencing users at the zeroth moment of Truth

  1. Firstly through website display advertisements
  2. Re-targeting Users
  3. Be Responsive through social media’s (Facebook,Twitter,Instagram)
  4.  Targeted Emails
  5. Finally using reviews on Social Media Platforms

So finally when the consumer reaches the first moment of truth they are ready to buy the product. So in conclusion the Purchase funnel is not narrow but it is actually a circle.

Customers Journey Moment

  1. Social Media
  2. Search & Display advertisements
  3. YouTube
  4.  Email Marketing
  5. Instant Messaging
  6. Offers & Discounts

So as a result according the type of the business the purchase funnel may vary considerably. So it is especially relevant that a Digital Marketing Agency must be qualified. In addition they should also be skilled enough to segment the right category of audience which suites the requirements of the customers who is availing the service. Which consequently makes Techrista Systems Pvt Ltd an Expert Digital Marketing Services  USA based Company.

Techrista Systems
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