Digital Marketing Services UAE | Digital Marketing Services in UAE
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Digital Marketing Services UAE | Digital Marketing Services in Dubai

Digital Marketing Services UAE

Digital Marketing Services UAE | Digital Marketing Services in Dubai

11:06 17 May in Business, Digital Marketing, SEO, SERP

Digital Marketing Services UAE | Digital Marketing Services in Dubai

Techrista is a Digital Marketing Services UAE based Digital Marketing Agency providing 360 degree Digital Marketing Services in Dubai,UAE. Our Digital Marketing Services includes Digital Marketing Intelligence, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pays Per Click & Ecommerce Solutions. Our Digital Marketing Services in India has delivered outstanding results to various clients. Techrista is also a Website Design Company providing Website Development Services which includes WordPress Website Development Services, PHP Development Services, Responsive Website Development Services, Ecommerce Website Development Services & HTML 5 Website Development Services. We focus on building Brand Loyalty & Brand Recall Capacity for a Brand through our Online Campaigns which helps to generate the maximum returns for a Brand. Techrista’s Digital Marketing Services UAE based allows to provide the best quality Digital Marketing Services for variable budgets and marketing goals.

2017 Digital Marketing Channel Trends in Dubai,UAE

Since digital channel is actually a way through which an advertiser can show relevant content to a customer. This can be through:

  1. Advertisement Websites
  2. Social Media Page
  3. Pays Per Click
  4. Video Advertisements

Example: Brand Loyalty & Brand Recall Programs followed through Social media channels by the MNC brands like Nestle, PepsiCo & many other top brands.

Firstly loyal brand customers comes directly to the brand websites. In addition loyalty programs involves search for best especially relevant products in the form of advertisements (Search Engine Marketing) as a result when clicked saves a cache which allows them to do re-marketing. Finally this created list can be used to do Cost Per Acquisition Campaigns for Specific Segments.

Digital Marketing Services UAE

Contextual Search

Google might be the largest Search Engine but were contextual  search happens is on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. Contextual search allows to communicate about product and services through friends, groups, posts & Engagements.

Brand Recall could be done through:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram
  5. LinkedIn
  6. YouTube
  7. Snap chat

Example: Furthermore conversion of Apple Brand user to Samsung because of budget restraints. First of all this conversion process begins from the time when a person starts to search for the Samsung android mobile phones. Consequently in addition the frequent re-marketing campaigns by the Samsung brand finally pushes the buyer over the edge into buying the Samsung Mobile Phones.

Digital Marketing Channels

  1. Organic Channels
    – SEO
    -Social Media
    -Email Marketing
  2. Paid Channels
    -Search Engine Marketing
    -Display Advertisements
    -Social Media Advertisements
  3. Advanced Methods
    -Content Marketing
    -Growth Hacking

Organic Channels

The Platforms through which a customers searches or comes to know about the products and services through the internet platform. While the traditional customers usually consider the direct search channel and paid channel as a single channel but Digital Marketing Experts usually indicate it as two different channel. These two different channels algorithm vary. Search Channel as a result gives direct organic search results while on the other hand paid channel appears in the form of advertisements. Consequently the basic users we get for the either platform based users change considerably.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of make a website rank at the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP’s) based on the search queries or keywords. Consequently the top search results deliver better returns to their business in the long run.
Search Engine Market Share:

  1. Google-90%
  2. Yahoo&Bing-6%
  3. Others-4%

First of all it is possible to run campaigns targeting a particular search engine to get the maximum especially relevant business from that Search Engine. In addition our research shows that 95% of the clicks happens in the first page of the search results for any product or service of a brand. Consequently from this visits to the website especially relevant business could be sorted out and segmented easily. Therefore in online marketing services competition is for the first page SERP results which is the most note worthy and important.

Social Media

Firstly social Media is any internet platform which allows users to create, use, share & publish content. Also Social Media Marketing is the Process is a form of internet marketing that implements various social media networks in order to perform the marketing activity & branding goals. Furthermore it primarily covers activities like social sharing of content, images & videos for branding activities. Finally social media is the place where the contextual search based marketing happens in the long run of the business.

Example: Customer Technical Support offered by Dell through @Dell Care is one of the most noteworthy example.

Email Marketing

First of all email marketing is the only most noteworthy way by which we can provide especially relevant personalized email for the customers. Most of all marketers use these emails to bring back the customers to their websites.

Types of Email Marketing:

  • Transaction Emails
  • News Letter Emails
  • Drip Emails

As a result these different types of emails satisfies different objectives of a marketer or business in general. Most of all Automated Marketing or Marketing Automation could be a great way to attract especially relevant & most noteworthy customers into a business.

Paid Channels

Paid Channels allows to create or make content visible & especially relevant outside organic channels which is known as paid advertisements. As a result paid channels provide business based on the budget they spent in advertisements.

  • Display Advertisements
    -Display Content
    -Pricing Arrangements
  •  Search Advertisements
  • Interactive Rich Media Advertisements
  • Video Advertisements
  • Social Media Advertisements

Advanced Methods

Most of all Advanced Digital Marketing Services activities are focused on especially relevant requirement based branding campaigns so as to increase online presence. In addition these activities usually includes campaigns like re-marketing campaigns, growth hacking campaigns & content marketing campaigns.

Examples: Most of all the Multi National Companies usually carry out segmented marketing plan to increase the sales of the specific most noteworthy products and services like Samsung android smart phones, Micro max smart phones and many other most noteworthy brands.

We take pride in our team of Digital Marketing Experts who handles Digital Marketing Services UAE based who have have delivered top results for many top brands.

Which is Why we are considered as the Top Digital Marketing Services UAE based Digital Marketing Agency.

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