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Digital Marketing in India


Digital Marketing in India

11:44 07 October in Business, Digital Marketing, Online PR, SEO, SERP, SMM

Digital Marketing in India

In today’s business landscape, the biggest hurdle that many business face is to gather prospective leads. Moreover, growth of a business depends on the customers for which they provide services. According, to business statistics nearly 70-80% Marketing Budget of B2B & B2C Businesses increases Every Year. So, the success of a business depends on how well they allocate the budget for their Business.
Most common ways by which the lead generation gathering happens?

Content Marketing usually generates 5-6 times more leads than traditional Marketing. Also, it costs 50-60% less when compared to traditional marketing.
Lead Generation Campaigns are another way to generate more number of Qualified Leads for a Business. Most of all the lead generation Strategy is applicable for every business segments.
Affiliate Marketing is another way through which you could increase the sale of a new product in the market place. So that the customers feels that the product is of genuine Origin.
Contests & Expos is also one way of gathering Qualified Leads. This is usually done by demonstrating the product features in front of the audience group.

Growth of Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead Generation Campaigns are faced by new & new challenges which could only be tackle with the help of a Digital Marketing Agency. In order to create an opportunity for a business. Most of all, lead generation is the process of gathering databases of prospective customers. It is one of the most promising way in the current business market to increase sales conversions. Every business adopt Lead Generation Campaigns to accelerate their Business Growth. Growth in a Business depends how well you market a product to the service or product wanted customer. Customer Engagement is one of the most promising way to handle Business. Growth Hackers mainly prefers the most profitable & apt solution for the Business. In this way, Lead Generation Campaigns could present itself as the best Solution to Growth Hackers.

Benefits of Lead Generation Campaigns:

-Firstly, Attract Interest category for a business
-In addition, Engage Audiences more
-Also, Develop attractive contents
-Collect information from potential customers
-Convert Valuable entries into future business
-Furthermore, remarket valuable customers again & again with latest updates

Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics

According to business reports, the most feasible lead generation tactics are through:

Firstly, Company Website
Conferences/Trade Shows
Also, Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Virtual Events/ Webinars
Also, Public Relations
Paid Search(PPC)
Social Media
Online Advertising
Direct Mail
Furthermore, Print Advertising

Why Social Media Advertising?

There are many lead generation options through:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • & other Social Media platforms as well

Social Media Advertising has become one of the especially relevant Advertising method. Internet Advertising method overtook the traditional newspaper advertising way back in 2013 itself. Among the digital advertising paid platforms Facebook, stands out in the first place. The total Digital Advertising measures upto 90-100 Billion Dollars for this year. The number is likely to increase  to 120 Billion Dollars by 2020 in US alone. Facebook advertisement gains around 12 Billion dollars. Google stands out 5 Billion Dollars.

The response rate of Social Media platforms are as follows:

  • Facebook- 96%
  • Twitter-64%
  • Instagram-41%
  • LinkedIn-38%
  • Pinterest-11%
  • Slideshare-4%
  • Snapchat-3.5%

With this many wide options for Social Media Advertising. This task will be a challenging job for business owners so it is better to approach the best Digital Marketing Agency in the country. Which makes us stand out among the Digital Marketing Agencies. Every Digital Marketing Agency considers Lead Generation as an essential component of the Internet Marketing Strategy. Nowadays Marketer’s has adopted more & more successful ways to target customers. Most Digital Marketing Agencies reserve spaces for their clients to get relevant business.

Concept of Warm Vs Cold Leads

The concept of warm & cold leads could be avoided through Digital Advertisements Platforms. Warm Leads refers to customers who are interested to buy the product or services. In addition, cold leads refers to customers who doesn’t have an interest in the product or service. Moreover, through proper Lead generation Strategies we could gather only qualified and prospective Leads.

The most common trends observed for Lead Generation

-Website Leads

First of all, over 30% of  respondents considers website as the most qualified source for Lead Generation when compared to Email-marketing & PPC. Social Media is at the fourth place with around 10% chance of lead filing.

-Proper Targeting through Marketing Metrics

Both small & medium sized business should have a qualified expert to dig into their business analytics to generate qualified leads.

-Quality of Leads is to be considered more important than the quantity of Leads

Most of all, we should target the right audience to gather qualified leads for business

-Proper Conversion Optimization

The gathered leads should have a conversion rate of about 30-40% form a lead group of about 100 numbers. Moreover, Leads could never be guaranteed from a single platform only. We need to target the right audience at the right time.

Dawn of a new ERA for Digital Marketing in India

Digital Platforms have opened up a new era for both B2B & B2C business. Digital Marketing does not involve the use of tools alone. In addition, it requires the expertise of professionals to get better results. Digital Marketing nowadays mainly revolves around growth hacking concepts. Every business tries to find out ways to effectively market their business.

But the problem then arises are:

  • How will you find the right investment amount?
  • How could you target the right audience?
  • What type of contents interests the audience?
  • How will you gather leads from the audiences?
  • How could you get better returns through your campaign?
  • Ways to re-market your marketing efforts?
  • What are the areas lacking in the current marketing strategy?

To find the answers to these questions. You need the help of a Professional Digital Marketer. Growth Hackers are those experienced group of  digital marketers. Also, Growth hackers helps you to effectively market a business. Furthermore, make your money and efforts count for your business. Transformation of marketing from direct sales to online sales.

Benefits you get

  • Create a personnel space for yourself.
  • Brand yourself online.
  • Project your Brand image.
  • Identify your brand features.
  • Create a Holistic Approach.
  • Have a centralized idea.

Leading the Business down the conversion funnel towards customers with most noteworthy strategies. Do not let your business suffer from attention scarcity. Grow your retention audiences. Do not confuse yourself with paid attention & owned attention. Shift of revenue from Google to Facebook. Make your brand viable in the market. Due to abundance of the information we have every exposed to attention scarcity. Clearly there has been a high change in the spending of customers.

Retention Vs Owned Media a conflict which is seen in the Digital Marketing Platforms.  

Digital Marketing in India

Growing trend of Big Data Analytics & Data Science for Digital Marketing in India

Firstly, Big Data Analytics Marketing Applications involves a combination of Marketing data Analytics and Customer data insights. This helps you to understand the customer perspective about a product, services etc. But to clearly process the data we received we need the help of an experienced Big Data Analyst. In addition, it’s a kind of predictive analysis. It gives you a 100% accurate prediction if it is done an Expert. Big Data is able to predict when, what, why & how a customer would approach a product or service. Also there are many automated tools in the market through which data mining could be done.

Proper Application of Big Data Analytics

  • Big Data experts would be able to exploit the data from the internet. Which could be used to increase the business sales volume or to fulfill the personal objectives.
  • Furthermore, in this Competitive Environment winners are decided at the start of every competition. So, most of all we need to have a clear base plan to promote any kind of business.
  • The use of Data analytics is focussed around Data Velocity, Data Volume & Data Variety.

In addition, Skills required for Data Analytics & Data Science are:

Data Analytics requires the use of :

  • Firstly, Programming skills
  • Statistical skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Machine learning skills
  • Data wrangling skills
  • Data visualization &
  • Also, Proper communication skills

Data Science requires the use of:

  • Firstly, Up-to-date knowledge of SAS or R Language
  • Python Language
  • Hadoop platform programming skills
  • SQL database coding &
  • Also, Experience in handling unstructured data

Most Digital Marketers would prefer to go hand in hand with the Big Data Expertise. Since it is especially relevant to know the customers perspective before we start to market a product. Also we need to which interest category audience would be most likely to be interested in the product. So, if a Digital Marketing Agency has a Group of Big Data Analysts as well then it would be most profitable for any Business owners. Moreover, career opportunity for Digital Marketing Experts & Big Data Analyst are quite high in the Current Market. Digital Marketing is not just a platform which could be utilized for business with an Online Presence. Also, it could be also used as a platform to promote:

  • Sell Products through Social Media Platforms
  • Promote Store Sales
  • Gather Leads for a Business
  • Develop Proper Branding & Promotion Strategies

Business Perspectives

Most of all, it is especially relevant to generate Profitable Business. So Most Digital Marketing Agency develops strategies which matches the Goals of the Clients. Every businesses should be done with a mutually beneficial way. Brand Marketers need to have a creative approach to gather unique reach and engagements for a product or service.  Every Brand Marketers need to follow a four layer concept:

  • Consult
  • Define Goals
  • Architect
  • Get to work

Also those who follow these rules know to generate the right business from the right audience. Every Digital Marketer Should have a new perspective towards marketing. We could never market a product in today’s world through the usual strategies. Since the world is thickly populated with companies & Brand Makers. The one who distinguishes themselves in the market gets all the Business. So we need to put our foot print highly visible in the market. As a result, we enjoy the benefit of being first in the market. Business is only guaranteed to those who have a holistic strategy in mind. Therefore, we need to know every heartbeat of the audience. Due to the rapid changes in the market trends every Digital Marketing Company should have a R&D Sector itself. Effective Digital Marketing strategy allows you to pay less for maximum results.

Our Company

Techrista Systems Pvt Ltd is one of those Top Digital Marketing Companies in India who have a unique group of Digital Marketing Experts and Big Data Analysts. Our expertise allows us to take on high end projects and deliver the best possible results for the clients. We Differentiates ourselves from our competitors based upon the Quality of work, our dedication, swift response, right targeting at the right time & maximum number of results delivered. We are considered to be among the best in our field in India. Also, we recreate Branding spaces for our clients. Moreover, we are well trusted among our clients. Our Digital Marketing Services in India focusses around our clients needs rather than delivering a set of ready made services. Techrista Systems have been doing business in the IT field for the last 8 Years.  Techrista is well known in our region as Professional Digital Marketers.

Our Team

Our Team Consists of Digital Marketing Experts, Big Data Specialists, Experienced Business Analysts, Web Designers, Web Developers, Software testing Experts, Oracle Certified Experts & Experienced Business Development Managers. We have provided support for many Global as well as national clients. Techrista Systems never do business for entirely profit motive. We do it because it is our passion and our soul. Also, Our works portfolio represents who we are. Our portfolio lists a group of well known business. Work is not compromised for fast delivery. Techrista Systems Team prefers Quality of work delivered. We are of the top Growth Hacking Company in India. Techrista develop the brand of our clients right from the scratch. We redefine their marketing plan to deliver maximum results.

So, Waste no time thinking about how to promote your business. Approach us to get help for your business. Either drop a mail or contact us and we will be there for your Business.

Techrista Systems
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