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Top Trends that Drive Marketing in 2017

Marketing Trends

Top Trends that Drive Marketing in 2017

13:15 08 March in Google Analytics, Online PR, SEO

Digital Marketing Company Kerala | Digital Marketing Services in Kerala

Techrista Systems Pvt.Ltd is one of the Best Digital Marketing Services in Kerala with lead generation through Social Media Platforms, Search Engine platforms & Inbound Marketing platforms. In addition, our primary goal is to gather the leads for the business based on the target group they focus for the business. Our Digital Marketing Company Kerala based creates the best Digital Marketing Strategy which suites the clients requirement needs. Most Digital Marketing Company Kerala based focuses on the efforts which they will be able to provide to the clients. But our strategy allows us to accommodate the especially relevant clients plans & needs into our strategy.

Different Marketing Strategies

  1. Influencer MarketingDigital Marketing Company Kerala

    Brands are finding their influences through social media population. This is considered to be a most noteworthy factor of current market. To getting their brand name some brands using Guest Blogging services. Which is done with the help of Existing users, Content Experts, Digital Marketers.

  2. Purpose-Driven Marketing

    Firstly, in the current marketing scenario audience / buyers doesn’t care about the details of the product at first. Also most people are driven by the emotions or personal benefits that they experience as a part of working with the brand. So the companies should most of all focus their marketing on what they do, rather than why they are doing it.

  3. Solid Brand Identity

    Firstly, every company is actively looking for new, relevant leads to increase sales. In 2017, you will likely see a trend of many brands focusing on solidifying their brand identity in order to drive leads. Along with purpose-driven marketing. A strong brand identity is needed to set your company apart from the competition. Furthermore, without a solid brand identity, companies in a given industry tend to look the same to users.

  4. Content Marketing Strategy

    Content continues to be incredibly important for brands going into 2017. While content has been an important part of marketing for the past few years. Many companies still do not have a solid strategy in place. A detailed strategy is essential for meeting goals, offering valuable content and improving outcomes. Surprisingly, only 32% of brands report having a documented content marketing strategy. The Content Marketing Institute notes that the most-effective marketers are more likely to document their strategies. But this year those who had a clear strategy dropped by 3%.

  5. Analytics

    In order to create a strategy that achieves specific goals, companies will need to focus on hard numbers. Many marketing platforms are now offering analytics tools to help marketers track their progress. These tools would help them reconsider their strategies. The analytics will continue to help brands solidify their content marketing strategies and adjust their approaches to better meet their goals.

  6. ROI Measurement

    Digital Marketing CompanyEvery year the top question is “How to I show my content marketing strategy’s success?”. Expect a continued focus to be placed on proving value in hard numbers in order to get management on board with continued marketing efforts. Companies need to watch their revenue for several months before they should expect to see an impact from their adjusted marketing strategies. This is going to be where measuring the right analytics is important for showing the return on investment that a good strategy should bring to a company.

  7. Website Personalization

    Firstly, customers like to treated us individuals. 2017 will see more companies focusing their efforts on intelligent marketing tactics. Where they would use big data stores to advertise to customers on an individual basis. This may include offering users suggested products, information or other navigational choices based on the habits or preferences of the user. As the website personalization is more and more familiar. Companies should take every opportunity to gather their own user data. Especially since many major companies appear to be making a move away from cookies as a form of user identification.

  8. Marketing AutomationDigital Marketing in Kerala

    In addition, with website personalization as a major factor in 2017, companies are going to need to handle larger groups of customers. Further more, with the same kind of personalization and care in their content marketing. This is only reasonably possible when companies have marketing automation strategies. Which is in place to handle the routine messages, such as thank you emails, welcome notifications, abandoned cart emails, product suggestions, newsletters and more. Content can be set up & triggered by specific actions, preferably segmented to further personalize the message to the type of user it is being sent to. As a result, this allows users to bring a personalized approach to a very large group of users.

Our strategy is what differentiates us for the most Digital Marketing Company Kerala based. We create brands rather than promoting a brand. Our strategy allows to differentiate the brand from their competitors. Most of all we create an online marketing space for any brand through our strategies & plans.

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